Before your visit

What fun that you want to visit us at VaccinDirekt!

There can be many different reasons for wanting to get vaccinated. You may want to upgrade your protection before forest walks and blueberry picking, you may want to do the big adventure with a long trip across several continents and need travel medical advice, there are vaccination requirements for an exchange year in the US, you have got a new job in an exciting place, you and your family just wants to take it easy on a charter trip or you simply want to update your basic protection or get general advice about your vaccinations.

We offer drop-in so that we can give you the time you need. Each consultation is individually tailored to your needs. During our consultation, we review the entirety of your vaccination protection and provide travel medical advice.

How should you prepare for the visit?

Feel free to bring your vaccination cards with you from previous vaccinations.

When you come to us, you must fill in a health declaration and if you are also traveling, travel information.

Now you can also fill in your health declaration digitally with BankId.

If you regularly take medication, feel free to bring your medication list.

Consent form

For minor children, in some cases you need to bring a form signed by a guardian certifying that you consent to vaccination. In the case of joint custody, both guardians must sign the form. It can e.g. be relevant if an older child comes to the vaccination clinic alone or if they come in the company of another adult who is not a guardian.

Consent form can be found here:

Consent form vaccination

Other recommendations:

  • If you are traveling – schedule your visit well in advance of departure, preferably at least 6 weeks.
  • Make sure you have eaten and drunk properly, do not come hungry.
  • Keep in mind that your visit may take time if you want advice and a review of previously taken vaccinations, come with a good margin for it.
  • Are you going to travel with the whole family and wonder how long you have to wait with the children? It is possible to come as an adult and get travel advice for the whole family so everything is planned before the actual vaccination visit.