Health check & health examination

Doing a health examination is a great way to invest in your future health. Anyone who has a car inspects the car every year, but many do not examine their body for a lifetime, which is at least as important!

If you are thinking of improving your lifestyle, a health check is a very good way to get a overview of your general health. It helps you identify potential problems with your health, which are usually not known, which means that you can then make effective decisions about how you can improve your health.

A health check can, for example, identify if you have high blood pressure, possible signs of infections in the body and other things that may mean that you are at risk of getting health problems in the near or long term.

Health examinations also lead to basic advice on medication and change in your lifestyle, which in many cases has a very positive impact on the overall health. In some situations, a health examination can lead to follow-up examinations to find out if you may have suffered from a more serious illness.

This is how the health check works

Before the visit, you will receive a referral for blood sampling and urine samples (urine samples are not included in Skåne) and a review, in writing and orally, of how these are performed (fasting samples).

At the clinic at least one week later, you will meet one of our nurses and / or doctors who will perform the following examinations:

– Weight
– Waist measurement
– BMI calculation
– Hearing control, audiometry

Doctors examine:

– Heart
– Lungs
– Blood pressure and pulse
– Abdomen
– Reflexes
– Lymph nodes
– Mouth
– Ears

The blood samples include:

– Blood profile (blood value)
– Liver test
– Blood fats (including the good and bad cholesterol)
– Sugar
– Kidney function test – Thyroid (women)
– Prostate (men)

The urine sample includes bacteria, blood, signs of infection, sugar, among others.

Based on your personal values from the various checks and blood tests, you talk to the doctor about your health and then go through, among other things, exercise, food, alcohol, tobacco, psychosocial impact, stress, mental illness and hereditary public diseases.

A dialogue that is focused on changing a possible risk factor pattern in a positive direction through improved lifestyles. You will receive a written summary of your health check. If something needs to be investigated further, we will refer you to the correct next step.

If you are in need of additional support and help to change your lifestyle, we will help you find suitable support with us or elsewhere.