Fear of syringes – are syringes scary?

Do you find it uncomfortable or unbearable to just think about getting vaccinated?

It is okay. It’s normal. Who wants to be stung?

The skin is your barrier to the outside world, it is your protection, your integrity.

There can be several different reasons why you find it uncomfortable to get vaccinated

  • It can be an unpleasant experience with a previous vaccination.
  • It could be the sting itself.
  • It can be the fear that it will hurt.
  • It can be the feeling when the vaccine is injected.
  • You may feel that you have no control over the situation.
  • It is usually the case that you know that it is good and important to get a vaccine, but it feels invincible to be able to do it. There are a thousand evasions to not come and get to grips with the matter.

We will help you!

Tell us when you come that you find it uncomfortable to get vaccinated, we are used to dealing with all kinds of people and it is much easier for us to help you if we know how you feel. You may just want to talk and see the vaccination room during your first visit, that’s ok, we will listen to you and meet your needs.

A piece if advise!

  • It’s good to have something to eat before your visit.
  • If possible, visit us in the morning.
  • Bring someone who can support you.
  • Feel free to treat yourself to something sweet afterwards, such as chocolate.