Vaccination before the trip to Morocco

Recommended vaccinations

Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis


Basic protection

Measles, mumps, rubella

Hepatitus A

Hepatitis B

Cholera / ETEC

Recommendation for long-term stays in the country, backpacking, volunteer work, residence, etc.



Recommended for children who cannot report bites, people who have to work with animals, expose themselves to risk or when adequate medical care cannot be guaranteed.

Other recommendations

Mosquito protection

There is a low risk of diseases spread by mosquitoes (West Nile) and sandflies (Leishmaniasis, especially risk if you are immunocompromised) Protect yourself with mosquito repellent.


There is a risk of rabies. Do not contact mammals such as dogs, cats, monkeys. Seek medical attention immediately if you are bitten.

Good to know before the trip to Morocco

The many bazaars, the spicy food and the beautiful gems make Morocco a dreamland for holidaymakers. There are countless cities to discover and hidden places that are in the spotlight like a haunting oasis. However, the security situation has been tightened and you should therefore be careful when traveling to Morocco.


No compulsory vaccinations are required when you travel to Morocco, but you should make sure to be protected against some diseases that may be present in the country. Hepatitis A and B are widespread and so are typhoid and tuberculosis. It can be difficult to protect yourself against tourist diarrhea, but for safety reasons bring gruel and other fluids and drink extra in general, as the climate is dry and hot. There are also stopping tablets for diarrhea to buy.

Food and drink – to think about

Always be sure to peel and rinse fruits and vegetables carefully, preferably in bottled water or boiled, cooled water. Make sure the food is cooked through and avoid too much seafood and chicken in questionable restaurants. Do not drink the tap water, but buy bottled water and other unopened packaging. Brushing your teeth in tap water is usually no danger. Overall, the restaurants maintain a relatively good hygiene and you do not have to give up either salad or vegetables.

General travel advice

Unfortunately, Morocco and North Africa in general have been exposed to cases of terrorist attacks. Westerners and tourists have been attacked at the same time as civil strife has flared up. Many refugees also pass through the country in the hope of getting into Europe through Spain, which has caused minor chaos on the strait. Human trafficking and the hiding of weapons and drugs are also common. Avoid going out and hiking in the mountains on your own or being in too large crowds at tourist resorts. Also keep in mind that the social gaps cause poverty and crime, so be on your guard in the evenings and nights in the dark.

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