Medical certificate & health certificate

Medical certificates may be required to verify your health status for various purposes. Medical certificate for driver’s license for higher authorization, sjöfolk, diving certificate, abroad studies, adoption, life insurance are examples of occasions when a medical doctor certificate is required to demonstrate that you meet the specific health requirements.

Our doctors perform a health check and then provide a medical certificate in accordance with the specific requirements. Medical certificates are primarily based on our own examinations, but also on official documentation from hospitals, other doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Cities where we offer medical certificates. Please note: always booked appointments

VaccinDirekt offers certificates for most types of medical certificates in the cities and clinics specified below. We are specialists in preventive health care, vaccination and certificates with more than 50 years of experience.

Medical certificates in Stockholm – Hötorget

Make an appointment by sending a mail to:
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Medical certificate in Gothenburg – Vasagatan by Heden

For medical certificates for driver’s license and seafarer, book an appointment directly in our booking system.
For all other certificates, make an booking by sending a mail to:
Price list Gothenburg

Medical certificate in Malmö – Djäknegatan

Make an appointment by sending a mail to:
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