Find previous vaccination records

It is legislated that patient records must be kept for 10 years. You can contact the vaccination clinic you have been to to find out which vaccinations you have taken before.

Usually, you also get a vaccination certificate in the form of a vaccination card where all vaccinations outside the childhood vaccinations must be documented. We recommend that you save your vaccination certificate carefully, for example with your passport. Keep in mind that some vaccines provide protection that lasts longer than 10 years, possibly even lifelong protection. Much longer time than patient records should be saved.

Your vaccinations from the child health care program are saved for 50 years. If you need to know your vaccinations from the child health care program, for example for studies abroad, you will find information:

  1. In your BVC card – usually, however, only vaccinations in your first 5 years of life are noted
  2. Ask the school nurse from your middle school to give you a copy of your medical record or
  3. Contact the municipality’s archives to get a copy of your records.