Health check and certificate

VaccinDirekt offers well-designed health checks and health examinations to identify important factors for your health. To ensure a high quality of the health check, we work according to a model that means that you visit us twice. We also perform medical examinations and issue several types of medical certificates, which are needed for driving license courses, boat courses, insurance matters and more.

Doing a health examination is a good way to get a receipt for your general health condition. It helps you identify potential problems with your health. For example, it could be high blood pressure, signs of infections or anything else that could mean that you are at risk for future health problems. Health examinations also lead to basic advice on medication and change in your lifestyle, which in many cases has a very positive impact on the overall health. In some situations, a health examination can lead to follow-up examinations to find out if you may have suffered from a more serious illness.

If you need additional examinations and laboratory samples, we will arrange referrals for this during the same visit to make it easier for you. We always have our skilled doctors available to give you the best possible service in health and certification.

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Health examinations and certificates

Do you want to do a health check to make sure you are completely healthy? Or maybe you need a health certificate? Then you are welcome to visit us at VaccinDirekt! Controlling your health is always a good idea, as this will allow you to detect potential health risks and act quickly, while still in the early stages .

Health check – how does it work?

A health examination often requires thorough tests, and therefore a health examination consists of two visits. The second visit takes place one to three weeks after the first, and the total cost is SEK 2,490 for a complete health examination.

Your first visit

During the first visit, we walk you through the process and explain what tests will be carried out. A nurse examines your weight, waist measurements, BMI, hearing and ECG. You will also receive a referral for blood tests, which involves a number of different tests. Then we examine your values for cholesterol, liver values, metabolism, kidney functions and blood profile, which consist of red and white blood cells, platelets and blood values.

Your second visit

During the second visit, we discuss your results, your lifestyle and any risk factors together with a doctor. It is especially important to talk about your eating habits, mental illness, use of tobacco and alcohol, exercise and any hereditary diseases. The doctor will also examine your heart, blood pressure, lymph nodes, abdomen, lungs, reflexes and mouth and ears, and also based on these results continue the dialogue with you. The purpose is for you to undergo a thorough health check, but also for you to get answers to your questions and feel completely satisfied with the check-up.

Medical examination

You are also welcome to a medical examination, which is a requirement if you need e.g. a health certificate or a medical certificate. Then you will be examined by a doctor, and not by a nurse as during the health check. Here, too, you are welcome to ask questions and address any health-related problems.

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