Pre-travel vaccinations

At VaccinDirekt, we offer travel vaccinations and pre-travel consultations for all destinations worldwide. Our competent staff are specialised in vaccinations and travel medicine and will help you with specific, personalised advice on various aspects to consider before traveling. Below you can find answers to the most common questions. Note that the advice is of a general manner.

Before traveling abroad there are several things to consider. Depending on which country or continent you plan on visiting you will also need certain vaccinations. At VaccinDirekt we provide the vaccinations you require as well as qualified medical advice for all destinations worldwide.

Our staff are specialised in questions relating to vaccinations and travel medicine and offer any advice you might need for your travels. The reason you often need to receive certain vaccinations before traveling abroad is because there are diseases which don’t exist in Sweden. These can be caused by poorer general hygiene, food and water quality, or environmental aspects such as mosquitoes etc.

Recommended vaccinations

Traveling abroad is often a fantastic adventure and gives you the possibility to discover new places. However, it also increases the risk of falling ill. Make sure to get appropriate vaccinations before traveling to minimise the risk of ruining a vacation because of illness.

Visit one of our drop-in clinics at VaccinDirekt and discuss your itinerary with one of our specialised nurses or doctors to make sure to have full protection against the specific diseases at your destination.


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