Antigen test with travel certificate

Quick and safe Antigen test with travel certificate

Some countries require a health certificate via antigen testing against covid-19 upon entry into the country. We help all travelers with certified antigen tests and certficates to show that you are free from Covid-19 infection. If the antigen test is negative, you will receive a covid certificate signed by our doctors. We are linked to the E-hälsomyndigheten in Sweden for easy travelling within the EU.

We use a CE-certified test that meets the requirements of the EU and the Swedish Public Health Authority.  Antigen tests with travel certificates can be done at all VaccinDirekts clinics around Sweden. You will receive an answer to your antigen test within 1 hour. We perform tests from the age of 5 and up, in accordance with the Swedish Public Health Authority’s recommendation.

We perform PCR tests in collaboration with certified laboratories for all ages at a number of our clinics. Read more about our PCR tests here.


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VaccinDirekt is not responsible for any costs or similar linked to missed trips etc, which may be the result of an invalid test result