South America

Get vaccinated before your trip to South America

Recommended vaccinations when visiting below countries



Recommended vaccinations

Before a trip to South America, you should have protection against hepatitis A, tetanus and diphtheria (the basic protection), as well as cholera.

If you stay in South America for 3 weeks or more or if you have an increased risk behavior, you should also have protection against hepatitis B and typhoid. Malaria prophylaxis and yellow fever vaccine may also be appropriate if you visit areas where there is such a risk of infection.

Keep in mind that vaccination prescriptions are always tailored to your individual needs. At our drop-in clinics, we make it easy for you, in consultation with our specialized staff, to ensure that you receive full protection before the trip to South America. If you start your vaccinations at least 6 weeks before the trip, you do not need to forgo any protection due to lack of time. You can never get vaccinated too early.

Vaccinating children before travelling to South America

Of course, children need the same good vaccination protection as adults, as they are exposed to the same risk of infection during their stay in South America.

Visit one of our clinics
Detailed and personal advice can only be given at the reception. General advice will be very comprehensive so that nothing is forgotten. Knowledge of local disease incidence must be put in relation to the traveler’s risk-taking, length and character of the trip, previous protection, individual possible chronic diseases, allergies, etc. Medical prescriptions may thus differ from case to case.

Diseases in South America

Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Yellow fever