VaccinDirekt Frölunda Torg

Welcome to VaccinDirekt Frölunda Torg for vaccinations and travel advice. At VaccinDirekt  you are always met by a specially educated nurse or doctor and we have more than 50 years of experience of preventive health care and vaccinations. VaccinDirekt – your safe choice since 1972!

Opening hours for drop in:
Monday–Friday:       10-20
Saturday:                  10-18
Sunday:                     10-18

Obs! We do not vaccinate against covid-19

Find VaccinDirekt Frolunda Torg

You find us at Frolunda Torg on the second floor next to Synsam and Best of Basic. See map

Book an appointment or come on drop in

Visit us on drop in or book an appointment. A booked appointment is an approximate time and you make a reservation where it says  ‘Boka här’.  Facilitate your drop in visit by adding a note in your calendar of our opening hours and adress. Welcome!

Our services at VaccinDirekt Frolunda Torg

Vaccinations against TBE, Shingles, Stelkramp/Kikhosta/Difteri, Hepatit A, Hepatit B, Influensa, Pneumokocker, Vattkoppor, HPV, Mässling/Påssjuka/Röda hund, Polio, RSTyfoid, Japansk Encefalit, Malaria, Gula febern, Rabies, Kolera och Meningokocker. Our clinic down town Gothenburg VaccinDirekt Heden offers läkarintyg, friskintyg och hälsokontroller.

Vaccination against seasonal flu

Vaccin against this years Seasonal Flu is available from 6 months of age. Please see price for pricelist.  We do not offer free influensa for risc groups and 65+.

Travel advice and travel vaccine

We are specialists on travel advice and travel vaccinations.  Please make a reservation for this and come to us well in time for you trip in order to secure an adequate disease protection.

Prepare your visit

Before you meet our doctors and nurses, you will need to fill out a Health Declaration. One per individual that is to be vaccinated. You can prepare this in our app or by logging in here on the website.

How to prepare if you are taking blood thinning medication


We have more than 50 years of experience of vaccinations. The prices include advice from our specially educated licensed nurses and doctors. Our journal system gives you a good overview and control over your vaccinations and we help you with refill reminders. In our app, you can gather your total vaccination history so that you have it all assembled in one place.

VaccinDirekt Vastra Gotaland– price list

Vaccinate children

At VaccinDirekt, we have more than 50 years of experience in vaccinating children of all ages and we are experts in both counseling and vaccinating children. Our ambition is that your child's visit to us should be a pleasant experience and our aim is to keep you and your family as healthy as possible.

Read more about  how to prepare yourself and your child here.

Student discount on vaccinations

We offer 15% discount on vaccinations for university students. The student discount is valid when you have a valid student ID. A valid student ID is Mecenatkort, Studentkortet and ISIC-kort. Vaccine against shingles and japanese encephalitis, certificates and health controlls are not included.


Please visit our clinic or send us a mail to You can try to call us on 073–6689555, and we try to answer between customers.

VaccinDirekt Frölunda Torgs adress

Frölunda Torg
421 42 Västra Frölunda

Doctors certificates and Heath controls in Gothenburg

For medical certificates and health controls, we refer to VaccinDirekt Vasagatan. There we issue medical certificates for driver’s licenses for higher qualifications, sailors certificates, athletes certificates, adoption certificates, studies abroad, etc. Book an appointment with our doctors by e-mailing:


The clinic is on the second floor with elevator access.

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